Please reserve April 14, 2018 for the

An Online Video/Live Auction Dispersal Sale
On the farm in Brookville, KS
Selling aprox. 60 lots of Milberry Meadows goats & aprox. 40 lots from customers featuring Mulberry Meadows genetics.
Featuring donor quality females developed by Mulberry Meadows, Carol Bachofer and Art Howell.
These little ladies and handsome males represent the best genetics available in the Boer Goat world today. Carol and Art used "ORF 1147" **ENNOBLED** (95331013) as a benchmark female for one genetic line and "GAR ADUWA_SASQUATCH *ENNOBLED* (96212013) asa second genetic benchmark to produce their own "MULBERRY MEADOWS" line of Boer Goats
Carol and Art