List Of Does For Sale (Updated 1-4-15)

Good Afternoon,

The early cold snap has caused Mulberry Meadows to decide to sell out about 3/4 of our doe herd. Art is 80 years young and I am still driving 160 miles round trip to my school teaching position.  We think it is time to cut way back on our goat breeding program.

We traditionally have kidded out 50-75 does for the 4-H & FFA youth market. We hope to sell around 30 head of bred does, at this time.

6 does are bred for late December babies.  3 does will kid in late Jan & early Feb. The rest of the does will kid in early March.

The Does were hand bred to one of the following breeding sires: DCW OUTKAST WARRIOR Reg # 10444866 or Mulberry Meadows C381 Reg.# 10618319 or Mulberry Meadows Magnum Reg. # 10642984.

WARRIOR was the Supreme Grand Champion Buck of the 2011  Kansas State Fair under Texas Judge Preston Faris. Our C381 Buck was Reserve Grand Champion Yearling Buck behind our Mulberry Meadows B356 Buck at the 2014 Kansas State Fair under Oklahoma Judge Jeremy Church. Mulberry Meadows Magnum placed as Reserve Grand Champion Buck under ABGA Judge Pit Kemmer at the KBGA July 2014 show.

Most of the does are Warrior daughters, some are double bred Warrior. Mulberry Meadows Magnum is a Warrior son. Our C 381 buck is an Ammo Reloaded son.  Please note that all does are of the Sasquatch down-line breeding. We have attempted to make our doe herd homozygous to enable us to consistently produce our kind of beautiful, structurally correct goat herd.   

These does are available as of, November 23, 2014.

Please find a price list below and an attached list of does.
Does are listed by registration number, name, birth date, due date and sire of exposure.

We will sell choice for $1,000 each.
We will sell 30 does for $15,000.
If you wish to group them by due date or by sire or dams sire we can make that work for you.
Groups of 15 around $650 each.
Groups of 10 around $750 each.
Groups of   5 around $850 each

Questions? Just give us a call.
List Of Does For Sale (Updated 1-4-15)